These are a list of titles that I have won during my stint in the Beauty Pageant Industry...


Winner Awards of Beauty Contest


Mrs. World Malaysia 2010 Champion
Shanghai Night Chinese Cheongsam Queen (in Setiawan) Champion
Mrs. Malaysia Oriental Queen 2009/10 Champion
Mrs. Malaysia Luminous 2009/10 4th Runner Up
Mrs. Beautiful Mother Malaysia 11/11/2009 (in Kedah) Champion
Nation-Wide Beautiful Mother Malaysia 15/08/2009 (in Teluk Intan) Champion
Mrs. Beautiful Mother Malaysia 31/07/2009 (in Ipoh) 1st Runner Up
Mrs. Beautiful Mother Malaysia 11/06/2009 (in Taiping) 3rd Runner Up
Mrs. Yinzi Yoga Fitness Glammor 2009 Champion
Mrs. L.A.L Malaysia Perfect Beauty Mother 2009 (in Johor) Champion
Mrs. Dream World 2008 Champion
Mrs. Elken Corpsdereve 2008 Champion
Selayang Mall Mrs. Cheng Sam 2008 1st Runner Up
Mrs. Elegance Cheng Sam 2008 (in Melaka) Champion
Star of Smart Beauty 2007 Champion
The Night of Xing Nin Cheong Sam 2007 1st Runner Up
Queen Diamond Interest Makeover 2007 (in Genting Highland) Champion
Klang Parade Beauty Mom 2007 Champion
Mrs. Pearl Point 2007 2nd Runner Up
Mrs. Bestyle Perfect Body Modern Lady 2006 (Legend Magazine) Champion
Mrs. Station3 2006 (in Melaka) 4th Runner Up
Beauty Contest Individual Awards  
Mrs. World Malaysia 2010 Mrs. Best Performance
Mrs. Populations
Mrs. Dazling Bright
Mrs. L.A.L Malaysia Perfect Beauty Mother 2009 (in Johor) Mrs. Photogenic
Mrs. Best Costume
Mrs. Beautiful Mother Malaysia 11/11/2009 (in Kedah) Mrs. Best Performance
Mrs. Beautiful Mother Malaysia 15/08/2009 (in Telik Intan) Mrs. Best Costume
Mrs. Best Performance
Mrs. Beautiful Mother Malaysia 31/07/2009 (in Ipoh) Mrs. Best Costume
Mrs. Beautiful Mother Malaysia 11/06/2009 (in Taiping) Mrs. Photogenic
Mrs. Yinzi Yoga Fitness Glamour 2006 Mrs. Perfect Body
Mrs. Photogenic
The Volunteer of Malaysia Beautiful Gate Foundation for the disabled 2013
Ambassador of CAS caring & sharing society 2012/2013
Judge of the CAS Lady Philanthropy Malaysia 2012
Judge of Cheah Dance Studio Beauty Mum & Little Princess Contest in Glory Beach Resort Port Dickson 2012
Special guest of opening ceremony for introduction/announce the new theater drama performance. 22 April 2012
Judge of Mrs. Malaysia & Classic Mrs. Malaysia Pageant 01/04/2012
Judge of Mrs. Malaysia and Classic Malaysia 2012 01 April 2012
Special guest of 'The Govt Event in China for promoting Mrs. World 24 March 2012
Judge of Classic & Mrs. Malaysia Pageant 2011 2011
Judge of Campus & University Angel Search 2011 in Perak 2011
Judge of Little Princess Karnival & Malaysia in Marina Water Park, Pangkor Island 2011 2011
Organizer and Judge of Mrs Malaysia & Classic Mrs Malaysia Pageant 2011 2011
FILORGA -Paris products Ambassador 2011
As a model an opening ceremony for beauty centre & new launching for placenta product 2011
Oriental daily news - appointment & interview to cover a news of personage star 2011
Feminine magazine special appointment & interview 2011
Movie title:"MORBID"...role as mother have a son with psyche mentality problem.. 2011
Our Malaysia Little Princess contest 2010/2011 in Alor Setar. 2011
Modelling for house development company in Kota Kemuning Shah Alam. 2011
Judge of "Mrs. S'park 2010 2010
Judge for Miss Malaysia Campus 2010 beauty contest. At the same time, also supporting for charity. Donation of own jewels and auction sales for charity.
Judge of Malaysia Miss Small Princess 2010/2011 in Alor Setar.
Mrs. World Malaysia 2010 invited by Dato Ding Poi Chung for his son's wedding dinner to be a guest and perform talent show. 2010
Malaysian singer "Zuo Yi Tin" Chinese New Year's song MTV shooting. Playing role as the singer's story memory of her childhood mother. 2010
Proud to be winner as Mrs. World Malaysia 2010. Donation to Sheng Tau Hui Build Temple Association for charity purpose. 2010
Invited to be a guest and performed talent show in Mrs. Singapore 2010 beauty contest events in Singapore. 2010
Judge for Mrs. Glamour Malaysia 2010 contest in Setiawan. 2010
Judge for Mrs. Beautiful Mother Malaysia 2010 contest in Sekinchiang. 2010
Hanxing academy of journalism and communication theatre production "My Family". Act as a mother having a weak and sick daughter. This role is to express Malaysian's family life comon poor woman. This theatre also obtain top 6 in TV Astro channel for short movie creative contest. 2010
Chosen as the Best Actress for "The Hope Fighter" in Hanxing Academy of journalism and communication theatre production exhibition. She play the role as a busy and successful independent single mother and businesswoman. 2010
Mrs. Elken Copsdereve image ambassador. 2009
Judge and sponsor for Miss Malaysia Campus 2009 beauty contest. 2009
Judge of teenage models of Chinese New Year 2008 in Perak pantai area. 2009
Judge of "Dream Bar Miss Bikini 2008" in KL. 2008
Judge of "Dream World Princess 2008" in KL. 2008
Judge for "Miss Dream World 2008" beauty contest in KL and also participated for "Sichuan earth quake charity" donation activity 2008
Playing the role as businesswoman, proud and arrogant single mother which held at Chinese Assembly Hall, KL. 2008
Stage performance of "Dead Killer" drama produced by "Heart toward the Sun Theatre Malaysia". 2008
Modeling for "Smart Beauty Centre's“. 2008
Participate in Astro AEC TV channel for "Police Information" programme. 2008
Anmum milk powder TV advertisement group filming with International Artist Michelle Yeo. 2008
Ambassador of Mrs. Elken Corpsdereve beautiful image. 2008
Modeling for GNILE world class skincare and slimming beauty centre 2008
Melaka carnival stage model and catwalk fashion show. 2007
Modeling for "Lady Professional Beauty Centre" promoting slim care. 2006
"Legend Beauty Magazine" special appointment and interview of first runner up in Mrs. Best Style and Perfect Body Modern Lady 2006. 2006