Chereen Tew, a Malaysian model, currently had numerous records of great achievements even in her mid of life, by winning many minor and major in title of prizes from the beauty contests. In early of her marriage, she only focuses on being a responsible role for the family and helping her husband's newly fresh starting business.


Life is tough for a certain periods, especially during her ages of 20s and 30s. Jie-Qing hold on a heavy responsibility on family and works, therefore, her daily life routines of extremely busy, rushing and tiring cause her to suffer from depression. After living in for many years with her depression, it starts to get into a serious issue that left with force but to attend for psychology consulting and others social activities to assist her from depression illness. Later on, she was involved in a beauty contest line, that not just all, but from art of dance, beauty as well as interest, that influences her.


She had the natural outlook, with perfect beauty subjectivism mind, slightly demonstrate the purpose of beauty purpose through uphold artistic characteristic and perfect beauty's quality mind, that brings her a modern personality and perfectly good outlook image.

Jie Qing is still very confident with her beauty appearance to stand on the stage with her glamorous on that suit many different charming pose. She is also obviously amazed with her enchantment appearance influences that cause many married women to inspire and envy with her outlook.


A woman with children that moves towards the level of splendid in beauty contests on the stage to accomplish the one who have the appreciation of beauty and representative to those who have the good look figure prototype and a simple example for those married women with children. Moreover, it is a fact to symbolize perpetual, everlasting beauty and youthful. Jie Qing wanted to bring her demonstrations to represent nowadays women to have the ability to appreciate the beauty to be good looking, this even impact on the facts that said ageing mother to change their mind to intellectual with the definition of ageing, when times goes on, the will also have to believe in "lady can be beautiful everlasting".


Personal Quotes


Chereen Tew is one of the very strong & famous contestant in beauty contest. By fate, she meet with the famous previous Miss Malaysia known as ex Ms.Malaysia. She is a stage planner and also beauty contest training teacher.

At that time Chereen Tew just wanted to build up "Image" for herself to become more confident in her lifestyle but didn't think that she will take part in beauty contest. ex Ms.Malysia judged that Chereen Tew will be prudential in beauty contest so she gave her a professional and intensive training. ex Ms.Malysia also said that "Make up can bring out a better image. Height is not a problem."


In year 2006, Chereen faced 2 times of failure in beauty contest. After that she gets a lot of valuable experiences and try again in the next beauty contest with full of confidence. She managed to present good performance in the contest. Finally, in the end of year 2007, she won in every contest she took part. By all of this, it had confirm her ability and potential. Chereen wins a place in the hearts of judges by her gorgerous look and outstanding character. For Chereen Tew, beauty contest stage is full of challenges and pressure but worth it and interesting.


Other than that, prize and failure is not important for her. What matters to her is the valuable experience which makes her learn more from mistakes and failure. All she hope for is gain more experience and learn more things to archieve a better archievement in a higher level.. Her ambition is to stand over the international stage to open wider field of viewer knowledge.


My Imppressions of Pageants"...

  1. I will not get distract by the contender's judgements, the most important thing is just to focus on my own performance.
  2. Don't care too much about winning, losing, or even prizes and awards.
  3. Gratitude every beauty pageant and appreciate the chances given by the organizers for me to bring out the best and glorious side of mine in every beauty pageant.
  4. The thing that make me outstanding and winning the titles is my own confidence.
    "Korea World Pageant 2011" is a ceremony to celebrate my victories.
  5. Through beauty pageants, I realised that I'm a gifted person because I no need to put efforts as much as what other athlectis or talent perfomers did to success.
  6. My self-confidence is a gift from my family.
  7. Life is not a bed of roses. I love life and accept what it brings me to, and this make me face and overcome the age's callous. Therefore, I lead my life with confidence and shine with age's splendid.
  8. What really make others admire a person is the way they dare and confident to perform and not only base on their physical appearance.
  9. My only nightmare during "Mrs World Malaysia 2010" is the moment I were framed by contender.
  10. I don't have any impression and memory of any on the spot performance during "Mrs World Malaysia 2010 Beauty Pageant".
  11. "Mrs World Malaysia 2010 Beauty Pageant" is the epilog for my beauty pageants life.
  12. I won the title of "Mrs World Malaysia 2010" jusy by depending on my own strength, good image and figure which I present them with full confidence and also base on my experience.