2012 was THE defining year for Chereen Tew, where she won the highest awards and honors in all her pageant years, the peak of her career. And with this peak, she decided to retire from the beauty pageant industry, a beautiful end to her journey.


Hoping to give back to the community with the name she has built for herself, Chereen Tew decided to throw herself in doing charitable activities and joined the CAS institution as the Loving Ambassador Spokesperson. She also assisted CAS in their first pageant race to choose a new ambassador to promote love for the public.

On Nov 13th, 2012, CAS formed the first “Malaysia Public Charity Contest 2012” where CAS’s loving ambassadors spokesperson will carefully select a candidate to champion CAS’s cause in America. Chereen Tew was one of the judges for this.


Since joining CAS, Chereen Tew has learned a whole new experience about what charity and public service is all about.