“When One Plunges Into The Powerful Current of Time, One's Life Will Start To Shine Brightly. Like A Glow Worm's Shimmer, Bright And Magical From Afar, Yet, Has Neither Heat Nor Danger From Near”


And that is how my life has been since entering into the world of Beauty Pageants. From afar, it's glamorous and competitive, yet, if you see my life up close, I'm still a normal, down-to-earth person.

Dear Visitors,

Thank you for your interest in visiting my personal website.
Here, you will have a sneak peak into my life and be introduced to many facts about me that may not have been revealed at any of the pageants I have joined.
I do hope that you will find this site interesting so do feel free to browse around.


Despite my busy schedule, I will personally be updating this site as much as I can, and it gives me great pleasure to have you pop in every now and then to be updated on my latest news and happenings.


Friends, this site is especially for you so do have fun and enjoy!




Chereen Tew
Mrs. Malaysia World 2010

Mrs. Earth International 2012