Personal message from Chereen Tew about being a winner:


“The key word that has brought me to where I am today is “Dare to Dream”. It takes a lot of courage, determination and will to make a dream come true and it takes true courage to participate in a beauty pageant. Even in ordinary everyday life and not just in beauty competitions, one must have courage to pursue their goals for what they want as their ideal life, be it in terms of family or career. Different people have different ambitions but they all need one thing to achieve that ambition, and that is courage.


Beauty pageants are not just about how good you look on the outside, but it is also about how beautiful you are on the inside, not just your heart but also your mind, your attitude and your confidence. As a beauty queen, we represent our country to share and learn other country’s cultures and traditions. Experiencing all these first hand is much better than reading about it through hundreds of books.


The best thing about these beauty competitions is the “National Colors Fantasy” program, where every participant has to share with the others the beauty of their home country, make friends with other participants, learn to live peacefully together during the competition period and enjoy each moment as much as possible”.

Chereen Tew continued to make Malaysia proud by winning the title of the Mrs. Earth International 2012 beauty pageant, giving Malaysia a mark in the international beauty competitions industry.


The Mrs. Earth International 2012 competition was held in Florida, Orlando from August 14th - 19th, 2012. Apart from the scheduled rehearsals, the contestants were also invited to join many other activities such as sight-seeing and friendly tours, thus creating strong friendship bonds between each other. The competition was organized by Micheal R. Stafford, who is also the founder of the competition. He was very hands on throughout the whole program and left a great and professional impression on everyone.


The main objective behind the competition is to promote beauty and wisdom in contemporary women, as well as to promote their care for the earth, health and beauty in general.