After winning the Mrs. World Malaysia 2010 title in August 2010, Chereen Tew represented Malaysia in the Mrs. United Nation International Pageant 2011 which took place in Jamaica. She made her country proud by being the first ever Malaysian to bring back a major individual award from the pageant, the Miss Photogenic title.


The pageant which was held between Nov 16th - 20th, 2011, offered the contestants wonderful hotel stays with gorgeous views of the ocean and gave Chereen Tew a real eye-opener to the Jamaican hospitality. The Jamaicans were a warm and friendly nation with interesting traditions and cultures and breathtaking sceneries and beaches.

There was also a “Goodwill” party organized by Jessica Thompson-Clarke and Aspi Wadiwalla which gave both the contestants and the organizers of the beauty pageant an opportunity to mix and mingle with each other.