After winning her first Mrs. World Malaysia pageant on August 7th, 2010, Chereen Tew went on to win 14 other titles in the beauty pageant industry, and was known by the public as the Queen of Mrs. Malaysia pageants. She also represented Malaysia in the Mrs. World 2011/2012 beauty pageant which was held in Orlando, Florida, from Dec 6th - 12th, 2011.


The Mrs. World 2011/2012 pageant was a wonderful experience shared by beauty queens from 57 different countries from around the world as well as the Chairman of the organizing committee, David Z. Marmel. The contestants were given a chance to visit and tour the famous and fun themepark, Disneyland, as well as be VIP visitors at the largest Universal Studio there. They also wined and dined at the Vines Grille & Wine Bar at the Westgate Vacation Villa Resorts, which was hosted by Westgate CEO and Mayor of Rotunda City Hall, David Sidegel.


The contestants were judged based on Swimwear, Traditional costumes and Evening gown rounds. The pageant was won by the contestant that represented America.