Chereen Tew
Malaysian ( Chinese )
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cost Accounting Diploma
163cm & 45kg
32, 24, 33 (inches)
05 August
Chinese Mandarin, English, Malay, Cantonese, Fujian, Hakka (Chinese's Dialet)
Dance, Stage Drama Performance
2010 Mrs World Malaysia (Champion/ Winner)
2012 Mrs Earth International ( Winner )


My Profile:

I participated in my first beauty pageant in 2006 and eventually found that it inspired me and gave me something to be interested in, something to look forward to instead of just my normal, everyday life of a woman helping her husband with his business.


Within 4 years since my first pageant, from 2006 to 2010, I emerged as winner in 14 different beauty contests and this attracted a lot of public attention.


My secret?

During competition and performances, I just tell myself to be beautiful, steady, calm and soft tempered but when I'm not competing, I keep my body fit and healthy by following a simple exercise regime.


I realized that by being calm and steady yet showing a strong sense of intelligence while competing has become something of a 'good role example' to the audience and therefore, garnered me a strong show of supporters.


On August 7th, 2010, I participated in the Mrs. Malaysia World 2010 beauty pageant and won the title. Therefore, I recently represented Malaysia in the Mrs. World 2011 beauty pageant held in Florida, Orlando as well as in the Mrs. United Nation International Pageant 2011 in Jamaica, where I won the title for Ms. Photogenic Award. Beside I have join others abroad international Pageant, such as Mrs Multiverse in Netherland, Amsterdam, won the title for Mrs Style & Class Award, and in top 10, Mrs. International Pageant in Chicago, Mrs. Earth in Florida, Orlando and I won as a winner.


My Favorite Hobbies & Activities:

Out of so many activities out there, my personal favorites are Dancing and Reading.


I personally enjoy Dancing, not only because it is something fun to do but it is also a very unique form of exercise and an interesting way to continue keeping the body fit and in shape. Apart from that, Dancing helps boost up my confidence as a woman, giving me the comfort that even after have children, I can still be in good shape and feel sexy.


Of course, being able to play around with the different outfits and accessories that comes with it is an added bonus.

Reading is another one of my favorite past times because I believe that by reading, it helps improve my grasp of the language (any languages) and also, reading different types of books can help in widening my general knowledge about the world, the different cultures out there and the many kinds of things that are happening around our world.


Special Talents:

Because one of my interests are in Dancing, naturally one of my talents includes Dancing. I started learning to dance more than 3 years ago and have developed such a deep passion for it that I do it for special stage performances.


Another one of my talents is Stage Performance Drama. I love acting and have experienced being invited to make special guest appearances in movies.


My Favorite Quote:
Throughout my 5 years of experience in taking part in beauty pageants, winning or losing is not important and should never be important. What matters is the valuable experiences gained from each competition, what we learn from mistakes made, confidence built and friendships made.


What I Live By:
I personally believe that beauty and life doesn't stop once we are married and have children. Beauty is an everlasting thing and we women can be beautiful both inside and outside. Great inner beauty stems from good personal qualities such as being knowledgable, confident, compassionate, responsible, thoughtful, being able to accomplish different type of tasks faced as well as others.


What I Think About While Competing:

    • Do not get distracted by fellow competitors judgement. Just focus on my own performance.
    • Do not put importance on winning, losing or even the prizes and awards.
    • To appreciate that every beauty pageant gives me the opportunity to bring out the best of myself.
    • Be confident.
    • Emphasize on forming new friendships.


    What Others Say About Me:

    1. With her winning 14 times in numbers of different beauty contests, it is proven that she is an outstanding person with a strong stage presence.
    2. She stays confident, brave and shines like a dazzling star on stage. This proves that she was born to shine in the beauty pageant industry.
    3. She is not competitive and has good sportsmanship because victory and failure are just experiences. Failing makes her stronger and victory shows that she can do better than what she thinks.
    4. She wins the heart of the judges with her inner and outer beauty, which also garners her strong support from the audience.
    5. She is among one of the few women who can be physically beautiful even after have children.


    Charities, Communities, Voluntary Jobs & Services That I Have Done

    Although I am successful with both my career as well as family life, I am still thankful and grateful spiritually for all the blessings showered upon me and have decided to contribute and devote myself to the community service by doing charity, voluntary services as well as social work for our country and the countries around us. This also covers humanitarian and environmentally friendly jobs, from helping to save the earth and protecting endangered animals, to helping the disabled and any other people who needs help.


    I believe that by responding to this calling sets a great example to ensuring effective results in helping others and myself to be a better person.


    I genuinely enjoy doing all these charity and community services and to be genuinely happy doing these gives me a purpose in life and makes my life more significant.


    Therefore, in between career and family life, I try my best to sacrifice some of my time to devote myself in these charity and community services.


    Among some of the recent activities I've participated in are:

    1. A member of the Association Treater Heart Towards The Sun, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (Anti AIDS/HIV),
    2. A member of the Buddhism Association, Bt. 11 Cheras, Malaysia,
    3. Ambassador of the Women/Housewives Family Environmental Protection (Oriental Daily News 2011),
    4. Personal Communication for the Malaysia And International Wildlife Conservation Organizations – Volunteering to Prohibit and Ban Shark's Fin,
    5. Organizer of Beauty Pageants (also turning up as Judge, Sponsor or Special Appearance).
    6. Volunteer of Malaysia Beautiful Gate Foundation For the Disabled.

    Through all these community and charity services, I also lend a hand to all other various categories by helping and supporting with self-created services.


Among them are:

“Malaysian & International Wildlife Conservation Organizations”


I play the role of a Personal Communicator, and organize events to create public awareness against the slaughter of sharks just for their fins. I am absolutely against the Chinese for believing that “Shark's fins is a traditional Chinese food”.

I have a strong conscious in protecting the environment and am grateful to the earth for all that it's given to us, be it it's natural resources or all the living creatures provided.


In keeping up with the current generation of a true 'Earth Child', the main principles that guide my life along is to have gratitude, be caring, honest, obedient and responsible, diligent, progressive, and to be confident and wise.


These principles are important because it helps me in cultivating myself internally. On the other hand, I will also transpire to exude the examples of an outstanding and modern woman, and will continue to strive and improve myself.


Eternal beauty is like a bottle of wine. The longer you keep it, the richer and more aromatic it becomes. The same goes with precious stones and diamonds, the longer they are kept and improved on, the brighter their shine and worth.


Through all these charity work, I can honestly say that I am an outstanding person, distinctive, intelligent, active and sincere. These are the qualities a new and confident modern woman can use to teach the new generation on the abilities and charm of a woman.


The Turning Point In My Life: 

I participated in the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake Donation Drive. As most people know, the earthquake which happened in May 2008 in Sichuan, China, killed an estimated 68,000 people. The quake was so bad that it was also felt in nearby countries and as far away as both Beijing and Shanghai. It was said that the central government would have to spend about 1 trillion yuan (about USD$146.5 billion) over the next 3 years to rebuild areas damaged by the earthquake.


This was (and is) my favourite Community Service project because it made me learn to appreciate the meaning of life, made me realize how fragile life can be and taught me to further appreciate the country I lived and grew up in, Malaysia. Malaysia is so strategically located on the geographical map that it is sheltered away from all this major natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, volcano eruptions and so forth.


Therefore, having grew up in such a safe and protected country, it felt good that I was able to do something and give something back by contributing in the donation drive and helping to raise funds to build back a country that was ravaged by something so terrible.